From the moment they wake up
In the morning, until they go to
sleep each night...

Consumers rely on hundreds of different products to get through a typical day—and they have thousands of choices when it comes to selecting these products.

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In 2013, 60,211 new products were launched in the United States
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At the typical supermarket American consumers have more than 40,000 products at their fingertips.
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Given all the choices consumers have, some might think it's impossible to breakthrough. It's not
It's Not

Breakthrough Myth 1:

Only fast-growing categories
produce big innovations

Breakthrough Innovations come
from a variety of categories.

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Breakthrough Myth 2:

Only big companies can launch
big innovations


Breakthrough Innovations come from companies of all sizes.

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size from

Small  Company Large Company
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Close 23% of winners are New Brands

Breakthrough Myth 3:

There's a magic number for advertising spend

Advertising spend in year one varies widely for Breakthrough Innovations.

Median Spend

A successful activation strategy depends on many factors—and doesn’t always require a big advertising budget.

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Breakthrough Myth 4:

For Innovation,
Failure is a law of nature

A demand-driven innovation approach—including predictive consumer analytics and optimization technologies—can help companies increase the average success rate for new products from 15% to 75%.


Breakthrough Myth 5:

Innovation success is random

While there's not a single formula for successful innovation, there is a repeatable science to it.

The foundation of all Breakthrough Innovations is solving for a specific "job to be done" —
an unmet consumer need or circumstance of struggle.

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Breakthrough innovation can be achieved by any company...

Of any size
In any category
Within reach

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