Our Culture

Simple. Open. Integrated.

Succeeding in a future of fast-paced change requires a clear strategy, but also a strong, adaptive, and agile culture. A hallmark of our culture is its vitality, guided by our core values of being simple, open, and integrated. Three prominent aspects of our culture today are "center-edge" balance, diversity and inclusion, and citizenship.

Center-Edge Balance. In large companies, the natural tendency is for decision-making power to gravitate toward and accumulate at the center. But that is the opposite of what is needed in a world of growing complexity and speed. To counter, we continuously work to shift the balance back, away from the center and toward the edge of our company, closer to the market, closer to our clients, closer to where the action is. The result is that our teams are faster, more innovative, and more energized.

Diversity and Inclusion. We operate with conviction that diversity and inclusion are crucial to our growth, strength, and ability to innovate. Leveraging diversity in our teams leads to broader and fresher perspectives, more creativity, and better decisions. Our data-based evidence validates this, showing that the more diverse our teams are, the better our business results.

Citizenship. We encourage our associates to leverage the platform of our company as they strive to make a difference not only for our clients and shareholders, but also in the lives of their families, their communities, and the world. We believe fundamentally that a business needs to care for the markets and communities on which it relies for its business. This role of "citizenship" is one that our colleagues around the world enthusiastically embrace.

Mitch Barns
Chief Executive Officer


We offer a flexible, comprehensive benefits packages designed to meet employee needs.

Diversity Council

Chaired by Dr. D. Sangeeta, Nielsen's Chief Diversity Officer, the council is committed to integrating diversity into the business as an essential part of our culture.

Employee Resource Groups

Fostering communication among our diverse employees and senior management, these groups empower our associates to network, develop their careers and connect with the community.
  • AAL (Asian Americans Link)
  • ADEPT (Able and Disabled Employees Partnering Together)
  • HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Leaders in Action)
  • PRIDE (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies)
  • SABLE (Sustaining Active Black Leadership and Empowerment)
  • SERV (Support and Employee Resources for Veterans)
  • WIN (Women in Nielsen)

Watch "It Gets Better" produced by Nielsen's PRIDE team. Go to Facebook to learn more about our people and culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nielsen collaborates with clients, non-profit organizations and other community stakeholders to address global challenges where our knowledge, skill and support can have a unique impact across four areas of focus:
  • Hunger and Nutrition
  • Technology Access
  • Diversity
  • Education

Nielsen is proud to offer their global associate population 24 hours of paid volunteer time each year.

Learn more: nielsencares@nielsen.com

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