At Nielsen, diversity isn't just a goal, it is a business imperative. Our effectiveness at embracing the talents of people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is key to our continued success in providing clients with information they need to succeed.

The Diversity Council

Chaired by Dr. D. Sangeeta, Nielsen's Chief Diversity Officer, the council is committed to integrating diversity into the business as an essential part of our culture.

Key Objectives:

  • Leveraging diversity in order to gain a competitive advantage in both the workplace and the marketplace
  • Create a diverse, supportive work environment that enables all employees to contribute to their full potential in pursuit of Nielsen's organizational objectives
  • Value differences and foster an environment where no individual is advantaged or disadvantaged because of their background

Advisory Councils

Members of our three external Advisory Councils are exemplary leaders in business, community, education, entertainment and faith-based organizations. Through ongoing dialog with the councils, we learn how to better engage and recruit diverse communities and how to enhance products and services for ethnic markets.
  • African-American Advisory Council The African-American Advisory Council consists of 12 leaders from the community, the media, faith-based organizations, and businesses. The Council advises us on a number of issues as it relates to the African-American community. They also serve to make sure that our sample recruitment materials are effective.
  • Asian Pacific American Advisory Council Nielsen created the Asian Pacific American Advisory Council to address issues of concern regarding the Asian community. Since its inception, the 11-member council has been instrumental in revamping our sample recruitment materials so that they would better appeal to individual Asian cultures.
  • Hispanic/Latino Advisory Council Our Hispanic/Latino Advisory Council was assembled in order to assist our efforts to recruit, measure, and accurately report on U.S. Hispanic/Latino households. The Council consists of 11 industry, community, and business leaders from around the country. They advise us as we train our bilingual sample recruiters and translate materials for Hispanic/Latino TV households.

Community & Public Affairs

Connect with Nielsen teams interacting with diverse consumers and communities across the U.S. via Facebook.