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Here’s where you will find the latest Asian American consumer trends and reports featuring Nielsen’s insights. We will also keep you updated on the work we are doing in Asian American communities across the U.S. And remember, every insight we share starts with a ‘yes.’ At Nielsen we get it. We’ve been listening to you for years. And when you say ‘yes’ to our surveys, your voice is heard, your privacy is protected and your story gets told to the companies that make the products and the media you love.

informed influencers and powerful purchasers: the asian american consumer journey

Asian Americans hold a unique and powerful position as both financial drivers and influencers in today’s digitally powered path to purchase. Frequently, Asian Americans’ consumer journeys begin with a recommendation or review from a friend or family member. In fact, Asian Americans are 50% more likely to use the internet/apps for consumer reviews. Additionally, Asian Americans are adept users of emerging technology, and are much more likely to view content via digital platforms like subscription video on-demand (SVOD) and to make online purchases.

David Kenny, ceo, on census 2020

On the record with Mariko Carpenter

Watch the latest edition of On The Record to hear Nielsen’s Mariko Carpenter, VP, Strategic Community Alliances, and Mia Scott-Aime trace the non-linear path-to-purchase—or “consumer journey” of Asian Americans. Their conversation offers marketers a guide on how to reach Asian American consumers effectively and authentically. Companies that are able to forge connections with Asian Americans now stand to drive future growth with both these consumers and the general market, which is showing an increased affinity for culturally Asian products of all kinds.

Nielsen Traces the Asian American Consumer Journey at the New York Stock Exchange

Our understanding of the American consumer landscape gives brands and marketers a roadmap to understanding what’s influencing their decisions and how they’re spending their time and money. We highlighted new findings from its latest Diverse Intelligence consumer report on Asian American consumers at a marquee event held at the New York Stock Exchange in our effort to continue to delivery actionable insights for our clients.

diverse intelligence series reports

Asian Americans: Digital Lives and Growing Influence

Asian Americans are embracing new apps, trying new devices, and creating content on new platforms. Thanks to the democratization of media, Asian-Americans are making successful careers—building their own powerful brands—as social media influencers and content creators. Through their smartphones, tablets and multimedia devices, they have a real-time connection to people and culture in Asia, making Asian Americans the true bridge between the East and the West.

Asian american women: digitally fluent with an intercultural mindset

Asian American women are embracing new products, trends and experiences. For instance, they over index on travel to the Middle East, Latin America and Canada as compared to non-Hispanic white women. They are fast to adopt new technologies, particularly apps that are popular with Millennials, such as Snapchat for social, Venmo for digital wallet and Waze for navigation. Their love of discovery is also true in music, with Asian American women subscribing to online music services 30% more than the total population.

Asian american consumer insights social media toolkit

At Nielsen, we know that representation matters across media and in our panels and surveys–which is reflected in the insights we share on Asian Americans. If you agree, we encourage you to spread the word. To make it easy, we created a series of photos and videos that you can share on your social networking profiles. Be sure to join the conversation using #NielsenKnows.

How We Reach Out

Asian Americans are the fastest growing multicultural consumer segment, and central to their lives in the U.S. is their native culture. Our advertising is in-language to ensure our messaging reaches not only English-speaking Asian-Americans, but also those whose dominant language is not English. These ads were created for digital platforms and translated into Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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