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Representation Matters

For more than a decade Nielsen has been engaging the U.S. Hispanic community with opportunities for them to share their opinions, preferences and consumption habits with us. Now more than ever, you’re telling us that representation matters. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we want the diversity of the Latinx community represented in our panels and surveys.  Recently, we asked some of the most accomplished Latinos in media to share their thoughts on why representation matters.



Latina 2.0 Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential & Familia Forward

The continuing rise of Latinas, as a powerful economic force, is manifesting itself in everything from media and entertainment preferences to entrepreneurial prowess and newfound social assurance that reflects-and amplifies-the accelerating progress and confidence of women across the U.S.

Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives Of Latinx Consumers

Technology has fundamentally changed the Latinx consumer experience. Hispanic consumers make digital gains and advancements at a higher rate than the total market, creating behavioral differences in how they communicate, shop, consume content and mobilize for social justice. The combination of the relative youth of the Hispanic community–and its preference for culturally nuanced content that represents them–has placed them at the center of trendsetter culture.

#representationmatters social media toolkit

At Nielsen, we know that representation matters across media and in our panels and surveys. If you agree, we encourage you to spread the word. To make it easy, we created #representationmatters photos and videos that you can share on your social networking profiles.

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In the Community


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