Capital and resources for early-stage consumer brands

CircleUp provides innovative, early-stage brands with the capital and resources they need to thrive. Over the past five years, CircleUp has helped over 250 companies access insights to set deal structure, provided expert coaching for investor meetings, guidance during the raise process, and PR services.

Through the Connected Partner Program, CircleUp gives its portfolio companies access to invaluable Nielsen market insights. These insights will help brands better understand their market, competition, and answer key questions, such as what’s the size of the category, what’s the product’s impact on the category and how is the brand performing and how is it priced against the competition.


CircleUp members will be able to:

  • Access expert consultants, resources and support throughout the raise process
  • Impress distributors and investor with insights about your market, competitors and customers
  • Gain access to the insights you need without blowing your budget with customizable – and deeply discounted – Nielsen reports


Contact your Nielsen Business Partner or email us directly at connectedpartner@nielsen.com.
You can also visit http://sites.nielsen.com/connectedpartner/ or circleup.com/.


There are many companies serving FMCG and retail that, like Nielsen, share the same goal: To deliver the most value to our mutual clients. With the explosion of data and new ways to harness it, there are huge advantages to working together to address our clients’ expanding needs. That’s why we created our Connected Partner Program. It brings together like-minded businesses and makes it easy for us to collaborate. By opening up our data and resources we enable our clients and partners to add value by expanding their networks.