Smart, Dynamic Pricing and Targeted Promotions Powered by AI and Experimentation

Eversight leverages AI and experimentation to create and deliver smart, dynamic pricing and targeted promotions. The Eversight platform has tested and optimized offers across more than 1,500 product groups on 50 retailers and digital platforms. Global brands and retailers rely on our platform to optimize pricing and respond to market conditions, deliver higher ROI on promotional spend, and enable data-driven collaboration on investments. Eversight is generating 10-25% improvement in sales volume at leading customers such as Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, Mars, and Molson Coors. Founded in 2013, Eversight is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Through the Connected Partner Program, Eversight powers pricing and promotions which drive value for brands and retailers, while delighting shoppers.


  • Offer Innovation Suite delivers targeted promotions at brands and retailers, generating 10-25% improvement in sales volume
  • Pricing Suite for Retail leverages AI & experimentation to deliver end-to-end price, promotion, and yield management capabilities
  • Offerings deliver real-time, data-driven collaboration between brands and retailers
  • Platform enables collaboration on promotion objectives and investment, and shared view of performance for joint account planning


Contact your Nielsen Business Partner or email us directly at connectedpartner@nielsen.com.
You can also visit http://sites.nielsen.com/connectedpartner/ or eversightlabs.com.


There are many companies serving FMCG and retail that, like Nielsen, share the same goal: To deliver the most value to our mutual clients. With the explosion of data and new ways to harness it, there are huge advantages to working together to address our clients’ expanding needs. That’s why we created our Connected Partner Program. It brings together like-minded businesses and makes it easy for us to collaborate. By opening up our data and resources we enable our clients and partners to add value by expanding their networks.