Sales Execution and Management Platform for Beverage Suppliers and Distributors

GreatVines helps you improve the effectiveness of your trade spend programs by allowing you to better manage 3-tier and direct sales. For front line salespeople, GreatVines provides an effortless way to analyze key account data, solicit team feedback, record activity, survey locations and identify opportunities. For managers, activities can be compared against volume and objectives can be created by account, brand or sales driver.

With access to spirits, wine and beer scan data through the Connected Partner Program, your metrics will be more comprehensive including market or brand depletion scorecards and detailed pricing plans. Most importantly, GreatVines is a cloud and mobile solution so your priceless institutional knowledge is available wherever, whenever it’s needed.

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Customers of GreatVines have reported:

  • 50% better brand visibility in key accounts
  • 30% more effective customer engagements
  • 60% more likely to achieve their sales goals

Source: 2015 Customer Survey


Contact your Nielsen Business Partner or email us directly at connectedpartner@nielsen.com.
You can also visit http://sites.nielsen.com/connectedpartner/ or greatvines.com/.


There are many companies serving FMCG and retail that, like Nielsen, share the same goal: To deliver the most value to our mutual clients. With the explosion of data and new ways to harness it, there are huge advantages to working together to address our clients’ expanding needs. That’s why we created our Connected Partner Program. It brings together like-minded businesses and makes it easy for us to collaborate. By opening up our data and resources we enable our clients and partners to add value by expanding their networks.