In-Store's Broadest Reach Vehicle - Touching Every Shopper

IndoorMedia helps you target shoppers with a message, coupon or offer on register receipts. With its national and regional capabilities you will gain access to a premier grocery network of 9,500 stores, reaching 70% of U.S. households, which delivers nearly 5 billion impressions on an annual basis. IndoorMedia’s register receipts are placed in the hands of every shopper, aiding you with  promoting new products and building customer loyalty to drive profits.

Through the Connected Partner Program, IndoorMedia will make use of Nielsen data to increase the accuracy of targeting couponing to the appropriate locations and consumers.


  • Only mass reach vehicle that enables tremendous new item awareness by touching  every shopper with high frequency
  • Affordable, so your marketing budgets will go farther, allowing you to reach a greater target audience
  • Enables you to communicate with every shopper and direct them to your website for offers, and is more cost effective than the majority of mass reach vehicles
  • Turnkey and affordable test program offered which is simple to execute to measure lift via matched panel testing


Contact your Nielsen Business Partner or email us directly at connectedpartner@nielsen.com.
You can also visit http://sites.nielsen.com/connectedpartner/ or indoormedia.com/national-regional-advertising?hsCtaTracking=45965b3a-07c4-4956-8608-4719a854918c%7Cb6ce76f7-9bde-4e90-89d8-df19a6ed22fd.


There are many companies serving FMCG and retail that, like Nielsen, share the same goal: To deliver the most value to our mutual clients. With the explosion of data and new ways to harness it, there are huge advantages to working together to address our clients’ expanding needs. That’s why we created our Connected Partner Program. It brings together like-minded businesses and makes it easy for us to collaborate. By opening up our data and resources we enable our clients and partners to add value by expanding their networks.