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Our trusted data partners span the CPG, travel, shopping, auto, finance and business verticals. Learn how you can start integrating this data into your media plans today.

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NADAguides is the largest publisher of the most market-reflective vehicle pricing and information available for new and used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs. offers in-depth shopping and research tools including a broad range of data, products and services.

Available in the U.S.


ShareThis was founded in 2007 with the goal to make social sharing part of everyday consumer behavior. ShareThis’s publisher tools power the sharing of content across 3 million global sites capturing 1.8 billion targetable cookies and 18 billion events per month. These data points (shares, searches, clicks, and page views) are refined to help marketers better understand their key audiences and ultimately connect with them in the moments that matter most.

Available in the UK, DE.


Serving as the world’s definitive source for business news since 1917, Forbes offers segments that enable marketers to reach upper class and business individuals and social influencers interested in technology, investment and entrepreneurship.

Available in the US, UK, and CA


Nielsen studies consumers in more than 100 countries to give you the most complete view of trends and habits worldwide. And we’re constantly evolving, not only in terms of where we measure, or who we measure, but in how our insights can help you drive profitable growth. Meet your upper and lower funnel objectives with Nielsen segments powered by proprietary panels and surveys, and industry leading audience modeling.

Available globally, however data offering differs by country.


TransUnion audiences are sourced from anonymized, aggregated consumer credit data, delivering valuable credit behavior intelligence. Built from TransUnion’s consumer database consisting of more than 230 million U.S. records, aggregated credit data provides a summary level-view of credit profiles at a geographic (ZIP+4) level. TransUnion audiences target the consumers most likely to have the financial ability to qualify and respond.

Available in the U.S.


SirData is an online data provider that offers a fully-automated, third-party data collection and profiling technology platform. It collects anonymous data that identifies the intentions, interests and behaviors of users. SirData’s primary goal is to capitalize on the data collection of mid-range publishers that attract 10,000 through 400,000 monthly unique visitors.

Available in France.

IXI Services

IXI Services offers targeting solutions that enable marketers to better deliver the right message to the desired target audience based on visitors’ likely financial interests and profiles. Segments are based on investment behaviors, spending levels, other financial characteristics and a range of product propensities like retail, travel, auto, and more.

Available in the U.S.


DelidataX focuses in the LatAm and Spanish markets and it enables you to target relevant segments, like SMEs, Real Estate, Entrepreneurs, House Moving, Mothers and many more. DelidataX collects data from sites that focus on specific verticals, ensuring that data will have a high affinity with the segments.

Available in Spain and Latin America.


Datamyx is a leading provider of data-driven marketing solutions primarily serving the financial services, automotive and insurance verticals in the United States. Datamyx offers a unique, multi-sourced repository of over 4,000 data points, including over 40 proprietary insight scores.

Available in the U.S.


Dataline specializes in providing marketers with customized insights through a proprietary database of 300 million individuals combined with over 2,000 highly predictive variables. With a taxonomy of unique audiences that offers buyer transaction data not found in other sources. It identifies true buyers, not browsers.

Available in the U.S.


With over 15 years of experience powering shopping solutions on thousands of websites, Connexity knows consumers. Connexity shopping data reveals buyers’ intent, predicting their path to purchase and driving performance.

Available in the U.S.


The Clicksco Group includes digital data specialists from a unique global network of industry-leading companies, partners, and brands across verticals such as Financial Services, Travel, and Retail. Clicksco collects and analyzes data on real people from a range of sources to understand viewers so that it can then target, retarget, and create profitable customers.

Available in the EU


Harness the collective power of consumer segmentation, demographics, lifestyle and behavioral insights for better marketing planning, consumer acquisition, cross selling and retention programs. Claritas’ segments include: Life Stage, Tech Adoption and Financial Behavior.

Available in the U.S.


Bombora is the leading provider of B2B intent, demographic and firmographic data. Its data aligns marketing and sales teams by empowering them with knowledge of which products are of interest to specific companies.

Available in the U.S., UK, France, Spain and Italy.

ALC Digital Audiences

ALC Digital Audiences are built with known individual characteristics, not inferred assumptions. Records start with an individual’s home or location address as a foundation. This location-based data serves as a great anchor for attaching a myriad of additional attributes — lifestyle data, demographics, purchase histories, attitudes and more.

Available in the U.S.


With over two years of purchase history across its CPG industry-leading 90MM+ households, NCS marries its awareness of the products people buy with the media they consume across TV, mobile, digital, radio and print.

Available in the U.S.


eXelate segments, Nielsen’s proprietary and highly curated mix of offline/online data, spans multiple behaviors and audiences. The eXelate data pool consists of over 200 anonymous data providers, which are reviewed and put thorough a QA process prior to being added to the Nielsen Marketing Cloud ecosystem.

Available globally.


VisualDNA is a marketing technology company combining the science of psychology with the technology of big data, allowing advertisers to better understand and target their digital audience at scale. VisualDNA uses innovative and patented visual personality profile surveys to gather profiles directly from consumers. VisualDNA offers verticals including retail, finance, travel, gaming, entertainment, auto and technology.

Available globally.


WhoToo’s B2B Targets & Consumer Targets are a premium source of B2B/B2C data. With over 70M professional contacts, comprehensive firmographic data on over 25M companies, extensive publisher co-ops and online registries, WhoToo offers data coverage in segments vital to the needs of B2B and B2C companies.

Available in the U.S.


V12 Data offers 1500 segments across 12 categories of offline data, with reach of over 110MM users across 200MM devices. Because V12 matches at the individual level via email and home address, DAR verifications are 70%+ accurate on age and gender.

Available in the U.S.

Neustar AdAdvisor

Neustar AdAdvisor is a suite of data-driven audience targeting solutions that start with verified, scalable offline data to provide portable, cross-platform online display targeting. Neustar is the only company that matches every cookie, device ID, connected TV, and other identifiers back to the authoritative offline identity, which is continuously corroborated to ensure accuracy. Clients have the added benefit of elevating demographic data with propensity to buy or behavioral data.

Available in U.S.

Kantar Shopcom

Kantar Shopcom provides the largest set of retail category data, from grocery store to department store to electronics to sporting goods and more. All of the Kantar Shopcom retail consumer sales data is captured directly at the retail point-of-sale (POS) from more than 17 Retail Product Groups, each with over one billion in sales.

Available in the U.S.


Scanbuy is the global leader in providing mobile relationship management solutions. Scanbuy delivers smarter, richer & more relevant access to information & mobile experiences to hundreds of millions of consumers. People in over 140 countries use the Scanbuy mobile app to get information, buy merchandise, be entertained & find coupons & more.

Available in the U.S.


33Across has created advanced data models for Fortune 1000 brands, with code on over one million publisher sites, their publisher network yields more than 30 billion intent and interest signals from content consumption, search, public and private social behaviors and search.

Available in the U.S., Canada and the UK.


MasterCard Audience segments are built from insights derived from billions of anonymous transactions generated by hundreds of millions of payment cards. The data is derived from real-time Mastercard transactions to ensure you are targeting the most accurate & timely purchase-based segments.

Available in the U.S.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of commercial data, analytics and insight on businesses. Their global commercial database contains more than 240 million business records & they help transform commercial data into valuable insights.

Available in the U.S.


Alliant provides marketers with access to a unique source of predictive data, powerful data science, and strategic insight into consumer behaviors. Alliant’s digital audiences connect brands with responsive consumers across devices and platforms.

Available in the U.S.

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