Bolivar Verbel, Master Black Belt, Business Process Improvement, Nielsen

I’ve had a passion for Nielsen Cares since I joined Nielsen in 2015. One of the ways I’ve used my process improvement skills to make a social impact for a non-profit organization was through co-leading a skills-based volunteering project with the help of colleagues in Business Process Improvement and Data Science to support the Juanfe Foundation, an organization that helps protect the vulnerability of teenage mothers and their children who live in extreme poverty.

We worked together to increase the foundation’s efficiency in one of the areas through which beneficiaries learn new skills. Our team helped the foundation learn how to apply process improvement and commercial techniques to increase their margin from an average of -50% to 25% in just six months. To thank the team for their impact and support, Nielsen was invited to speak in Bogotá at the international forum, Women Working for the World, about women’s empowerment.

Through Nielsen Cares, I also led Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID) in 2017 for Latin American Growth markets; in 2018, I’ll be one of the global NGID leads. We’ve set a goal this year to increase the number of volunteers in countries with lower volunteering rates by engaging more field and remote associates, developing more skills-based volunteering projects and increasing manager involvement.