David Maxwell, Manager, Forecast & Activation, Nielsen

I serve as Green Team co-lead for North America. The Green Team to me is a unique opportunity to fuse my profession and one of my passions. Throughout my education, I took the opportunity to learn as much as I could about environmental science. I never had an opportunity to use that knowledge in a tangible way until joining the Green Team at Nielsen.

Of all the initiatives we’ve worked on as a Green Team, the milestone we reached with the Cincinnati, Ohio, office gaining “Transit Friendly Destination” status sticks out. This was a great strategic initiative that generated community awareness and interest in the office from current employees.

Going forward, we have big things planned for the Green Team. We are in the process of restructuring to better engage employees from a local office level all the way up to the global level. We will be putting a renewed focus on the material impact the Green Team can have on our business, and ultimately, how we can contribute to Nielsen’s profitability through environmental efficiency.