Vinay Joshi, Associate Director, RMS Service, India, and Integrity Ambassador, Mumbai, Nielsen

Our business is all about data. We have lots of security measures in place, but integrity is the job of every employee. In order for us to be effective in that, wneed to have a lot of awareness about what we should and should not do. No matter whether it’s a client or an internal stakeholder, there are boundaries in terms of data sharing and what is acceptable behavior. An awareness of where those boundaries exist is critical.

Through this Integrity Ambassador role, I can help broaden this awareness and make it more impactful so that our data is protected and our employees feel secure. We know we can prevent business issues when we take good care of integrity. Through working across different functions, I feel I can make a meaningful contribution to this effort.

What we Integrity Ambassadors add is an intangible, but it is the basis of the way Nielsen is expected to conduct its business around the globe.