Shatiek Gatlin, Associate, Financial Leadership Program, Nielsen

When I was a student at Babson College, I learned about the importance of creating both economic and social value simultaneously. When I joined Nielsen in 2016, that was no different. I initially learned of Nielsen’s Global Responsibility and Sustainability efforts during a presentation at the Emerging Leaders Program onboarding event, and I was deeply connected to Nielsen’s commitment to make a difference. After settling into my first rotation of the program, I began putting my passion for protecting the environment into practice, and I organized a team of 10 finance and technology associates to assess the financial viability of key sustainability investments for Nielsen.

We focused our time on three projects that were strategically chosen to align with Nielsen’s material indicators around reducing waste and energy usage:

  • Implementing LED lighting in the North America offices.
  • Enabling a secure printing function for all printers in an effort to decrease paper waste in North America.
  • Assessing if select locations should have solar energy panels.

We worked efficiently by dividing each area into three work streams that focused solely on assessments around each of the topics. Each workstream presented substantial research and evidence that helped drive decision making by the Global Tech/Ops Sustainability Council in these areas. This was a unique opportunity to leverage our individual and collective skill sets for the good of Nielsen and the environment. I enjoyed working with and leading this group of passionate and committed associates. It was an amazing experience working cross-functionally and collaboratively on projects that we all deeply cared about. Above all, we had the opportunity to make a difference and drive impact, even as first or second-year associates within the company.

To use my professional skills as a Finance Emerging Leader Associate and my passion for environmental sustainability to make an impact within my first year at the company seems unimaginable. I’ll never forget feeling empowered and valued when Crystal Barnes, our Senior Vice President of Global Responsibility and Sustainability, asked me to lead this initiative. The experience altogether demonstrated Nielsen’s commitment that I could make a difference as an associate—regardless of my level or number of years within the company, and cements one of my favorite aspects of working here.