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Helping to Innovate an Iconic Brand: Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience Presents at IIeX Behavior Conference

In front of an audience of forward-thinking researchers and marketers at a recent lleX Behavior Conference in Chicago, Dr. Sarah Yu, Client Service & Neuroscience Director at Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience presented along with Kathryn Grater, Senior Leader Research Innovation & Behavioral Science at Kimberly Clark, discussed the importance of using consumer neuroscience technologies to identify the meaningful influences on consumer behavior that help grow brands through innovation.

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Nielsen Joins Latin Grammys in Celebration of Leading Ladies in the Music Industry

Nielsen recently joined the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences as sponsor of the Leading Ladies Luncheon for the second consecutive year. The event, set in the midst of the star-studded Latin GRAMMYs week in Las Vegas, honors Latinas within the arts and entertainment industries who have made significant and indelible impressions on—and contributions to—their fields.

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Nielsen Makes a Case That Diversity Is a Business Imperative at LEAD Network Event

Earlier this month, Nielsen leaders gathered with delegates from more than 400 companies at the annual LEAD Network event in London to celebrate past achievements in diversity and inclusion, as well as identify work still to be done. Angela Talton, our Chief Diversity Officer, delivered a keynote address making the case that fostering diversity and inclusion is not only useful for reaching workforce representation goals—it helps produce better financial results.

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Nielsen Launches First Veteran Consumer Report at HeroPreneur National Veteran Business Summit

Beyond the Uniform breaks new ground as the first report in our Diverse Intelligence Series on veteran consumers and shows Nielsen’s ability to tell diverse consumer stories of all kinds. The report peels back the layers of U.S. veteran consumers’ lives and behaviors to provide actionable insights for marketers seeking to reach this informed, active and civically engaged consumer group.

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