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Measuring What Matters

Mitch Barns

At Nielsen, we believe we have a responsibility to measure what matters and to answer questions from our stakeholders about our own performance and commitments to making a positive impact on society. We believe that a business needs to care for the markets and communities on which it relies for its business. CEO Mitch Barns shares Nielsen’s efforts in this space.

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Investing in Environmental, Social and Governance Information



Crystal Barnes, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Nielsen, sat down with Kate Vanek, senior vice president of investor relations/finance at Nielsen, to get her insight into the value of the Nielsen Global Responsibility Report, particularly for investors.

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Understanding Hunger in America: Data Makes a Difference

While hunger in America continues to be an issue, using data is part of our collective efforts to make an impact. In the 2016 Map the Meal Gap, Nielsen partnered with Feeding America to understand not just what hunger looks like at the county level in the U.S., but also to gain a better understanding of the impact of hunger on our communities.

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Making Marketing More Effective with the Nielsen Marketing Cloud



With consumers generating copious amounts of data as they watch, buy and interact across physical touch points and digital screens, marketers are navigating a world of unprecedented complexity. Mark Zagorski, executive vice president of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, discusses the vision behind the platform, how it works, and how brands, agencies and media companies can leverage its insights to cut through the clutter.

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Marketplace Influence Empowers the New Latina

Multiculturalism and diversity are integral elements of American culture. And they’re gaining prominence, which poses new and replete marketing opportunities for brands looking to engage with multicultural consumers. While the U.S. is rich with diversity, Latinas are a particularly notable demographic. Within the overall Hispanic demographic—which controls $1.3 trillion in buying power—the women are the […]

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Nielsen and Time Warner Medialab Forge Strategic Partnership to Deliver Innovative Consumer Neuroscience Solutions

At Nielsen, we want to be able to evaluate how consumers react and respond to various forms of media content and advertising. And we’re constantly looking to broaden our ability to do so. That’s why we’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with Time Warner Inc. over a three-year period to integrate some of our […]

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