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Investing in Sustainability Research

To understand how consumer sentiment toward sustainability has changed over the past few years, we recently conducted a global survey to determine what consumers care about when it comes to sustainability, as well as the environmental factors that are influencing consumers to evaluate sustainability and its impact globally. We’ve published the results of this survey in our latest sustainability report.

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It All Starts With Awareness: Nielsen Celebrates World Cleanup Day

In addition to helping brands understand how consumers are growing increasingly interested in all aspects of sustainability, Nielsen is committed to making a positive impact on the world we live in. And this year, on the heels of our fifth global Earth Week, Nielsen associates around the world came together to join the green movement and help address the challenge of waste by participating in World Cleanup Day.

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Nielsen China Wins Big at the 11th Annual ROI Festival

On Oct. 18, Nielsen China was recognized at the 11th Annual ROI Festival, receiving an award for our successful Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) and Advertising Effectiveness (ADE) project with Tuopai Shede (沱牌舍得酒业), one of our key local liquor clients in China. Also at the event, we held our annual ROI luncheon, where Nielsen leaders spoke on the launch of Nielsen Marketing Cloud in China, and gave a keynote presentation about the power of big data and our IntelliGEO solution.

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