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Breakthrough Ad Testing Solution Has Unprecedented Ability to Predict In-Market Success

In the make-or-break world of advertising, there’s no over-emphasizing the need for good ads. But marketers and advertisers don’t just want solid creative. They want to know how effective their ads will be in getting positive returns—even before their campaigns have launched. While knowing what happens tomorrow isn’t technically possible, results from a five-month study […]

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The Difference a Day Makes: Thousands Volunteer on Fifth-Annual Nielsen Global Impact Day

On June 2, 2016, more than 23,000 Nielsen associates came together to volunteer for Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID). This marked our fifth-annual global day of service, and the impact was one of the strongest yet. Volunteers helped with more than 1,400 projects in over 900 community organizations across more than 92 countries where Nielsen operates.

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Uncertainty Is The Key To Eroding Consumer Confidence


When consumers know what to expect, and are not feeling uncertain, they can tolerate a lot. Inflation, high or low, matters more or less depending on how far those affected anticipate it and can consequently incorporate it into their expectations about coming price changes, but consumers often react strongly when inflation or deflation is unexpected. Louise Keely uses Nielsen’s global consumer confidence index to illustrate this trend.

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Making the Business Case to Do Well by Doing Good

Corporate social responsibility isn’t a new topic, but it is one that a growing number of consumers around the globe are taking an interest in. And as Carol Gstalder, SVP, Consumer Insights North America Leader, presented during the CECP Summit, consumer brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t.

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