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Responsible Travel Furthers Nielsen’s Sustainability Efforts

Our Global Travel & Procurement team manages our travel suppliers in order to provide the best possible value to our Nielsen associates and to ensure that we’re focused on responsible resource management and environmental sustainability in the way that we travel. In both of our most recent non-financial materiality assessments, travel has emerged as one of the most important issues for Nielsen to monitor as it relates to the nature of our business and what our stakeholders view as most important.

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Nielsen SABLE Associates Drive Engagement During Black History Month

Members of Nielsen’s Sustaining Active Black Leadership and Empowerment (SABLE) employee resource group spent the month of February in the community, in our offices and with our clients celebrating Black History Month. A key focus for the group this year was using insights from our 2018 report on Black consumers—From Consumers to Creators: The Online Lives of Black Consumers—to demonstrate the growth opportunity these consumers present for our clients.

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Nielsen BASES Gives Back through Skills-Based Volunteering

The Nielsen BASES Innovation Practice works with clients to develop and achieve more sustainable and substantial growth by using predictive analytics to measure and maximize clients’ new product launch potential. Growing from the passion of those two volunteers, BASES Gives Back implemented 28 projects in 2018 across nine locations and engaged 230 volunteers for 900 volunteer hours.

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Nielsen Examines the State of Meal Kits at the 2019 Annual Meat Conference

Meal kits represent one of the hottest trends in the fresh-focused consumer evolution. As Meagan Nelson, Associate Director, Nielsen Fresh Growth & Strategy, relayed to attendees at the 2019 Annual Meat Conference in Dallas, this fast-paced category continues to evolve in every aspect, from how and where meal kits are purchased to what’s included in the […]

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Nielsen’s Pro Bono Trash Blindness Survey is a Foray into Environmental Skill-Based Volunteering

We recently learned about an opportunity with the Let’s Do It Foundation, the team that initiated World Cleanup Day (WCD), to further the waste management cause. Using data—one of Nielsen’s strongest assets—we led a pro bono survey for the foundation to assess consumer perceptions about trash. Deemed a trash blindness survey, the objective was to learn how “blind” to trash global consumers are.

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Nielsen Discovers The Women Behind the Numbers in an International Women’s Day Feature Report

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 this March 8, we recently undertook a new gender-focused study. The report found that as the number of financially independent women around the world is increasing, so too is their optimism about the future, along with their focus on health and wellness.

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