Nielsen’s Data Science Examines FMCG E-Commerce Potential in 34 Markets

To understand the factors that lead to success in e-commerce across global markets, Nielsen’s data science team conducted an in-depth analysis of 34 markets in developed and developing regions globally. With our rich data at the heart of our study, we then identified 10 key drivers for FMCG e-commerce success today and three pillars for growth tomorrow.

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How Bravery and Teamwork Across Media Will Usher In a New Age of Advertising

Megan Clarken headshot

The media industry accounts for more than $100 billion in advertising dollars each year and has the power to shape our views in ways that last way beyond the initial experience. Megan Clarken, President, Watch, Nielsen, believes challenging cross-industry pivots into accountability and collaboration will be crucial for future success.

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