Nielsen’s Perspective on Sustainability Reporting

Crystal Barnes, vice president, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen, recently shared details behind the company’s decision to begin sustainability reporting, as well as insights on the experience so far, which were published in The Conference Board Sustainability Practices Dashboard in November 2016.

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Changing Attitudes and Awareness About Intellectual Disabilities with Data


Since 2014, Nielsen has had a strategic alliance with Special Olympics, and as part, we’re working with the organization to help better understand the impact of its programs and the influence of people with intellectual disabilities by using our data, measurement and analytical capabilities.

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Crossing the Border: Nielsen Quantifies Economic Impact of Mexican Consumers for Rio Grande Valley Area


While country borders sharply define the nationality of the consumers within them, these lines drawn on a map don’t prevent consumer habits, spending and people from moving across them. Recently, Nielsen presented a cross-border study on consumer behavior and media consumption in the Rio Grande Valley.

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