Nielsen Reports Provide Perspective Into Americans’ Media Habits

As technology continues to evolve and audiences fragment, Nielsen remains committed to providing the industry with insights around today’s total audience, no matter the device, delivery or platform. We’re publishing two unique report series—our Total Audience and Comparable Metrics reports—around consumers’ device behaviors and media consumption.

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Beyond Black Friday: How Nielsen Tracks Holiday Spending



It never fails. The holiday season seems to arrive just a little earlier with each passing year. The good news for retailers and Nielsen clients, however, is that Nielsen is always one step ahead, making sure to capture shopping and spending trends the minute they start—even if that coincides with the last trick-or-treater leaving our doorsteps.

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Total Audience Progress Report

Mitch Barns, Chief Executive Officer

As most of you know, our No. 1 priority is our Total Audience Measurement initiative. It involves a long list of difficult and complicated steps, many requiring innovation and all of them requiring great execution. Throughout 2015, we’ve executed on every single deliverable we laid out in our road map at the beginning of the year—22 out of 22 deliverables through the first three quarters of the year. Our teams have been working very hard, and I’m incredibly proud of them and the work they are doing.

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