Nielsen Launches ‘Total It Up’ Campaign for Total Audience Measurement



Everyone knows live TV viewing is changing, but contrary to popular belief, video viewing is as popular as ever. This March, Nielsen kicked off its “Total It Up” advertising campaign to formally introduce our Total Audience measurement strategy to lobby for a shift in industry currency. “Total Audience” is Nielsen’s answer to the holistic measurement of audiences across all devices to keep pace with consumer behavior.

Consumer choice is driving how content is viewed, and it is fundamentally changing the business of TV, advertising and measurement. Nielsen has a commitment to deliver comprehensive measurement—measuring audiences where, when and how they consume content. Ensuring that the ratings capture a holistic view of the Total Audience is our business and our mission. Today, we already measure viewing across multiple platforms, including PCs, smartphones and tablets. We measure both “linear” programming on TV and digital with the same ads shown in the same order on the same program, and “dynamic” programming, which displays different ads to different people in the same program. Later this year, we will measure “over the top” viewing including SVOD content.

Nielsen’s ad campaign consisted of videos and banner ads that ran in select U.S. media, advertising and business publications. Be on the lookout for additional Total Audience updates over the next few months. We want to give the industry the credit it deserves for all video content and all advertising—a view of the Total Audience. Let’s work together to make it ALL count.

For more on U.S. viewing habits, see our latest Total Audience report.