Marketing Measurement Takes Center Stage at AdExchanger Industry Preview 2019

In the U.S., the average person consumes over 82 hours of media a week via multitasking, a trend that will continue to grow in ways we never thought possible. In order to further grasp the opportunity in the current video landscape, particularly the growth of mobile video, marketers need to understand how people engage with video across screens rather than understanding segmented engagement with TV or digital.

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Nielsen at NATPE 2019: Discussing the Growth of OTT and OTA Viewing Amid an Evolving Media Landscape

As consumers seek more compelling content in cost-effective ways, employing over-the-air (OTA) antennas for broadcast TV is growing rapidly. For broadcasters and advertisers, understanding who’s in OTA homes and how they engage with media is critical to understanding the current viewing landscape, which Nielsen discussed at the recent NATPE conference in Miami Beach.

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How Bravery and Teamwork Across Media Will Usher In a New Age of Advertising

Megan Clarken headshot

The media industry accounts for more than $100 billion in advertising dollars each year and has the power to shape our views in ways that last way beyond the initial experience. Megan Clarken, President, Watch, Nielsen, believes challenging cross-industry pivots into accountability and collaboration will be crucial for future success.

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