Crossing the Border: Nielsen Quantifies Economic Impact of Mexican Consumers for Rio Grande Valley Area


While country borders sharply define the nationality of the consumers within them, these lines drawn on a map don’t prevent consumer habits, spending and people from moving across them. Recently, Nielsen presented a cross-border study on consumer behavior and media consumption in the Rio Grande Valley.

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2015 Nielsen Audio Client Conference: Bringing it All Together



This year’s Nielsen Audio Client Conference was a defining moment for industry trade events everywhere. Not only did it bring programmers, marketers and brand managers together to focus on major issues facing the listening landscape, but it did so in a way that didn’t leave attendees asleep at their tables or struggling to find that lone kernel of insight.

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Get the Total Audio Perspective from Nielsen

Today the audio landscape is changing faster than ever before. Consumers’ entertainment choices are constantly expanding – monthly, weekly and hourly. As the usage of smartphones has skyrocketed, broadband access has proliferated and connected cars roll off the assembly line, radio’s appeal among Americans remains highly important. In markets large and small, radio is an […]

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