Save Your Ads

Until the next ad dies

Every day, ads are killed.
Not just any ads—your ads.

Ads that are the result of months of your research, your creative development, and your testing. And these ads aren't all mediocre—many fall just slightly short of perfect.

Talk about a wasted investment.

Not only are thousands of marketing dollars burned this way, but time and effort are too. Time that your ads could have been in front of—and connecting with—your consumers.

Failing to connect is one of the main reasons why so many ads are killed,
and why so many brands struggle to stand the test of time.

Common causes of death:

wrong content

Wrong Content
Your creative confused viewers, or maybe they just didn't like it.

wrong context

Wrong Context
Your ad was out of place, so your message didn't connect.

wrong frequency

Wrong Frequency
Your ad was seen too little... or too much.

Rescue your ads
with resonance.

In today's data-driven world, you know whether your ad reached the right consumer and whether they reacted or not...

... but did your ad resonate?

Getting to the heart of it to understand resonance gives you the tools you need to better your ad—and your brand.

Give your ads the chance to be great.

Saving an ad means more than making
a great piece of creative.

It also means considering the context, frequency, and media placement of your ad to build best practices and develop marketing strategies that minimize waste and increase your ROI.

To save your ads, you need relevant and reliable metrics that allow you to understand resonance throughout the entire life of your ad.

At Nielsen, we provide just that.

Our solutions include:

consumer neuroscience

Consumer Neuroscience

Use neuroscience to tell you what is (and isn't) working at both conscious and non-conscious levels, so your ad can live up to its greatest potential.
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tv brand effect

TV Brand Effect

Maximize the effectiveness of TV advertising by optimizing ad memorability and assessing quality while your campaign is still in-flight.
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digital brand effect

Digital Brand Effect

Maximize the effectiveness of your digital advertising with granular brand lift metrics delivered in real-time so you can optimize your campaign while it is still in-flight.
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